Why Kyoto?

Kyoto is a famous city in Japan and maybe that’s why you know it.

However, do you know why it is actually as famous as it is?

Well, because, everyone visits the city!

But, why do so many people visit Kyoto?

That’s the real question, and we will get the answers straight from some of those people who have been there.

We enjoyed ramen, Japanese sake, temples…
When you come to Japan, be curious about everything. Try everything! (from Holland)

The nature and historical atmosphere here in Kyoto are special. Aoi-festival we watched was fantastic! While traveling Kyoto, take a risk. Even if you don’t know Japanese language, you have gestures and people are kind. (from the U.S.)

Its long history, culture and foods in Kyoto is very good. We enjoyed sushi and bento- lunchbox. (from France)

This gosyuin is our memory. This is a kind of books with stamps of each temple. And he loves mochi- ricecake very much! (from the U.S.)

Kyoto is the No.1 city because…

· It’s beautiful.

· It’s relaxing.

· It’s cultural.

· Has lots of places to see.

This is why people want to go back again and again.