What’s Kyoto?

Hello, guys!

Whether you have been there before or are a beginner of the Kyoto City, we are glad that you are interested in it.

Actually, Kyoto City is so magnificent it’s not easy to explain the attraction in just a few sentences. However, we will give it our best shot!

One of the many reasons why people love Kyoto is the fact that it has places and experiences that make you truly feel Japan. If you would like to take some great memories of Japan with you, Kyoto is simply the best choice.

The must-visit area, Arashiyama

You must’ve heard the word “Geisha”

Why not eating sushi?

Then, where is Kyoto?

It’s on the center of Japan. In other words, Kyoto is geographical and cultural center of Japan!

This is the page for you who are wondering “why do people go to Kyoto?”