Join the Onsen Community! Enjoy Chatting with the Kyoto People at Night.

Kyoto-Tamanoyu (open 03:00 p.m.~00:00 a.m.)

“This is a relatively small public bath here, but our guests love the bright and clean atmosphere,” says Hideo Nishide, the owner of the tamanoyu.

This onsen was opened more than 100 years ago by Hideo’s grandfather. It has gone through some renovations since then, and the tamanoyu is an oasis for the local people now.

Is public bathing fan? Are first-timers welcomed?

Check out Hideo’s comments below to understand why Kyotogram’s answer to these two questions is “Absolutely!”

“The onsen is a loose community”

What kinds of people come here?
Really different though more men visit here than women.
What do they expect during their time at tamanoyu?
Well, onsens are not only for getting clean but also for chatting with other guests. There are various types of people here.
For example, I saw an unemployed person talking with the CEO of a company as equals. There is no status in the public baths because all are naked!


Interesting! Is that kind of communication active here?
I think so. Mainly the local people come here and enjoy talking with others. It’s not strange for kids to make friends with elderly people.
Travelers often visit us, but the local people are friendly even to the strangers. We are also warmly welcoming those visiting a public bath for their first time.


“Why not try the public bath?”

Do you have any plans for tamanoyu?
Well, I hope more young people come to enjoy the public baths. This is a lifestyle issue, but we sometimes hold special bath events so that we can spread the benefits of public baths.
Can foreign visitors enjoy the experience?
Why not! It’s okay to visit even if you have tattoos on your body. You can see the unique manners for onsen with the flyer. You can rent any items you might need. Don’t worry about a thing! Just note that you are not allowed to wear swimwear in the bathroom.


Sometimes, jumping into a new world requires all of your courage. However, trust us and the local people. Another authentic Japanese experience exists here at Kyoto-tamanoyu!

The Detail Info.

Name: Kyoto-Tamanoyu
Open: 03:00 p.m.~00:00 a.m.
Nearest station: Kyotoshiyakusho-Mae
English: OK (not fluent)
Tattoos: OK
Credit Cards: Not Available