Visit at Night in Kyoto! If You can Find the Place.

“Kyoto is totally different from Tokyo”

He grew up in Kyoto, but later moved to Tokyo for the job.

How was it to come back to Kyoto?
Hmm, I didn’t feel at ease, honestly. Opposite to Tokyo, Kyoto is a very conservative city. Tokyo is special, you know, but Kyoto is also unique in a different way.
It’s because of its history, maybe?
I understand it is not only the negative point like I felt at first but also the strongly attractive point. Everything is concentrated in a small area in Kyoto. I hope people enjoy its compactness.


How about having a relaxing time at the ELEPHANT FACTORY COFFEE after sightseeing? By the way, the name comes from a Haruki Murakami’s title.

The Detail Info.

Open: 01:00 p.m. ~ 01:00 a.m.
Nearest station: Kawaramachi
English: OK (not fluent)
Smoke: OK
Credit Cards: not available