Free at Night in Kyoto? Try a Local Café and Have a Special Evening!

Did someone say, “Kyoto is an interesting city full of the history, except at night”?
We don’t think so! How about having a relaxing time at night after you enjoy sightseeing? Kyoto shows a different face at night. Here are three cafés open till midnight.

  1. Cafe Jinta (open 11:30 a.m.~ 11:30 p.m.)

Cafe Jinta is located in the convenient Karasuma area, which will be one of the bases for your trip. The relaxing music and good food will welcome you there.

The menus are carbohydrate and calorie limited, reflecting the values of the owner. You’ll enjoy the healthy food and the interior styling selected by the owner’s wife.

Hitoshi is a music enthusiast and you can see it in the guitar hung on the wall and the high-quality stereos. However, the most important for him is that you enjoy the “time, food, and drink,” which he puts the value at Café Jinta.

  1. Ace café (open 06:00pm~01:00am)

Ace café is proud of its 11th floor panorama view. This café is in a building near Pontocho, which is a popular historical dining area. So, it is a perfect location to enjoy your time after dinner.

Ace café offers not only Italian dishes, but also professional level cocktails and sweets. Also, the owner is so passionate about creating fun Background Music playlists that all of you, regardless of your age or gender, will enjoy listening to throughout the night.

  1. ELEPHANT FACTORY COFFEE (open 01:00pm~01:00am)

The coffee shop, ELEPHANT FACTORY COFFEE is located in the downtown Kawaramachi area, but it is rather hidden location. We can’t find any better place to spend a relaxing and quiet night.

The menus are so simple. Only some foods, cakes, and the owner’s pride, coffee. There aren’t fancy interiors either, except for the many books that the guests can read freely.

He says, “I love being the owner of ELEPHANT FACTORY COFFEE and enjoy seeing the people drinking coffee.” Just visit, taste the exquisite coffee, and be swept away by the relaxing atmosphere in the coffee shop.