Catch the most Beautiful Geisha at Night in Kyoto, at the Station!

©ninagawa,artbeat publishers

Not only real ones, but also photographed ones are really beautiful, aren’t they?

This exhibition of geisha in Kyoto consists of “Kagai”, the geisha districts and the landscapes of Kyoto in four seasons.

Mika Ninagawa, the Japanese famous photographer selected only 15 geishas from the 5 Kagai districts in Kyoto and had shootings for this exhibition.

How about spending your night with those fantastic geisha photos?
Get the detailed information below.


Title: Mika Ninagawa Photo Exhibition “UTAGE KYOTO DREAMS of KAGAI”
Date: 2018/4/14 – 5/13 (10:00am – 08:00pm, Admission closed 07:30pm)
Place: Museum “Eki” KYOTO (Kyoto Station Building)
Fee: 900yen/Adult, 700yen/college & high school student, 500yen/elementary & junior high school student
Official site: