Perfect Clothing for a Perfect Evening Out in Kyoto in April

Kyoto is a beautiful place, especially this time of the year. The onset of spring in April comes with the cherry boom which provides tourists with a magical experience. People enjoy seeing the “sakura” which makes night out in Kyoto irresistible. It’s common to find couples having a romantic evening at these special cherry blossom sites. We thought you might want to try it so we’re here with clothing tips for your special evening.

Kyoto Climate

Generally, Kyoto weather tends to be warm during the day with an average daytime temperature of 19oC (67oF) and a night-time temperature of 9oC (48oF). However, there are pockets of cold, but not freezing, days and nights.

Expect Some Cold Evenings

A spring evening in Kyoto is colder than one would expect, tending towards a fall weather. Be sure to pack some light coats or sweaters when you’re making the trip. Travel Fashion Girl has an ideal Japan packing list for spring here, and it works for Kyoto.

Dress for Comfort


While the Japanese can dress in bold fashion statements, most often they prefer going casual. It’s okay to wear something light during the warm afternoons and double it when it gets colder at night. Nice flowy dresses, comfy blouses, jeans, and Tees are great for daytime in Kyoto. You can throw on a cardigan when you head out to enjoy the night out. Most times a flat shoe is the best; you will spot people mostly in flats, sandals, and flip-flops.

Prepare for Wet

Kyoto sees some short bursts of rainfall in this period as Japan heads into a rainy season that starts around June. Always check the weather before you step out. You may need a waterproof jacket. Just make sure it’s light since it will be humid.

Pink is Suitable

With the “sakura”—Japanese for cherry blossoms—comes a trend of very colorful outfits. You will find a lot of exciting colors and flowery patterns that tend towards the beautiful pink.

Dressing in Kyoto and Japan generally focuses on comfort, beauty, and modesty. Follow these tips to ensure you are comfortable and stylish throughout your trip.