Perfect Cherry Blossom Spots in Kyoto for a Romantic Evening Out

<Updated on 28/03/2018>

Have you visited Kyoto before? If you have never been to Kyoto, you need to make this your next travel destination and experience true Japanese culture at its best. Cherry blossoms lighting up is the best way to experience nightlife in Kyoto. Listed below are some of the best places to enjoy the Kyoto nightlife.

1. Shojuin Temple

2018/4/12 ~ 4/14 (18:00 ~, 19:00~, Application necessary)

Shojuin temple is located on a remote place in Kyoto. It takes about 90 minutes by train and bus from Kyoto station.
The loveliest part in this temple is the heart shaped window (Inome-mado), but enjoy the entire atmosphere, including the nature around Shojuin!

If you’d like to visit the special light-up here, send the email to:

In the email, mention your:
・Post address
・Number of visitors
・Date and time (6pm~ or 7pm~ on 12th, 13th or 14th)
・Phone number
・Transportation you’ll use

*The deadline is April 3rd.
*You’ll receive the invitation card if you win the random selection.
*You may not be able to visit the light-up event because the number of visitors is limited.

2. Byodoin Temple

2018/4/5 ~ 4/9 (18:30 ~ 20:45 Admission Closed)

Byodoin Temple is located in Uji city, only 17-minute’s train trip from Kyoto station. There are lots of must-see things including more than 60 national treasures, but the best is the Phoenix Hall (Hou-ou-do).

The most significant feature of the Phoenix Hall is that it is on the central island on the pond, which reflects its beautiful figure on water surface. People say it’s like a palace floating on the Treasure Pond of Gokuraku (nirvana).

3. Toji Temple

2018/3/17 ~ 4/15 (18:30 ~ 21:00 Admission Closed)

This is a temple that was established at the beginning of the Heian Period, after the capital was moved to Kyoto in the late 700’s.

The temple is surrounded by other ancient Kondos that capture the elegance of the ancient Japanese culture. These buildings have survived all odds and still portray the golden days.

4. Kiyomizu Temple

2018/3/30 ~ 4/8 (18:00 ~ 21:00 Admission Closed)

The temple is an auspicious place for one to enjoy watching the sunset. Its best known as a lover’s palace due to its location with the view of the sunset.

It’s a popular place with visitors, and has an atmosphere for festivals. Serious pilgrims come to pray, young people come to seek good fortune in love from the waterfalls, and visitors come to enjoy the sights.

5. Maruyama Park

the end of March ~ the beginning of April (Sunset ~ 24:00)

This is a beautiful park that lies at the base of Kyoto’s eastern mountains. It contains strolling gardens, rest houses and small orchards.

This park is at its best in early April, when the cherry trees start to bloom, and many people come to attend blossom-viewing parties. This is one of the best places to picnic under the trees.

6. Kodaiji Temple

2018/3/9 ~ 5/6 (Sunset ~ 21:30 Admission Closed)

Sitting atop a hill, Kodaiji was founded in 1606 and is the most well-preserved area of Kyoto.

The temple is located in eastern Kyoto on Nene Street. It is a place that honors a woman who became a nun after the death of her husband. She loved at Kodaiji Temple until her own death in 1624.

7. Shogunzuka Seiryuden

2018/3/30 ~ 4/15 (17:00 ~ 21:00 Admission Closed)

This is a wonderful place that is located high on the mountains and is the best place to take in a view of Kyoto city.

This place has the best paintings and temples, including beautiful Japanese landscape gardens with maple and cherry trees.

8. Nijo Castle

2018/3/23 ~ 4/15 (18:00 ~ 21:00 Admission Closed)

This is a castle that has existed since the beginning of the Tokugawa Shoguns in Kyoto, who ruled for over 260 years.

It is a palace that has massive stone walls and heavy gates. Inside it is Japanese art which can be noted on the painted screens of the main chamber.