【Store Closed】100% Handmade-in-Kyoto Sakura Items

What’s the kyozutsumi?

Kyotogram decided to introduce to you traditions of Kyoto to prevent them from disappearing. We named this project “kyozutsumi” which means Kyoto + wrapping in Japanese.

The first items we’ll put in our kyozutsumi are a set of handmade Kyo-Yuzen items.

What’s Kyo-Yuzen?

Kimono forest of Arashiyama

Kyo-Yuzen, a technique of painting dye directly onto cloth, was invented more than 400 years ago. It has since become the ultimate art for kimono dyeing, famous for its use of distinctive and vivid colors seen nowhere else in the world.

Fully handmade Kyo-Yuzen is an extremely complex process, with as many as 26 stages until completion.

Unfortunately, like in other traditions of Kyoto, Kyo-Yuzen dyeing craftsmen are disappearing. The number of people who wear kimono or use Kyo-Yuzen items regularly is steadily decreasing, because of the influence of the western life style.

Why is kyozutsumi Your Choice?

The kyozutsumi sets (100% handmade!!) are exclusively made for Kyotogram by Marumasu-Nishimuraya in Kyoto. The owner is Yoshio Nishimura, who is recognized as Preserver of the Important Intangible Cultural Property of Kyo-Yuzen dyeing.

Modernizing Kyo-Yuzen is Marumasu-Nishimuraya’s answer to the disappearing of the Kyo-Yuzen technique, so this important tradition is not lost forever. Don’t you think it is exciting to have authentic Japanese goods in your daily life?

What’s Inside kyozutsumi?

We have three modern version Kyo-Yuzen items for April.
These are actually very unique, 100% handmade-in-Kyoto products.
You can select the items’ color from the following three:
Sakura (Cherry-Blossom Pink), Usagi (Rabbit Blue), or Takara (Treasure Yellow)


A cute and stylish pouch in spring colors. Use it for coins, cosmetics, or anything else. Take the pouch with you for your hanami weekend! 

Accessory Case

A perfectly sized accessory case, good for both at home and taking with you in your bag. Other than candy, you can put cosmetics in it as well.


Fashion taste means the difference of tiny points, right? You’ll get one Kyo-Yuzen point with this charm.

How to Get Your kyozutsumi

  1. Enter the store website from the “To Order page” below.
  2. Buy kyozutsumi! You’ll get it in mid. April.


  1. 2980-yen/kyozutsumi incl. tax and domestic shipping.
  2. Select your favorite color among the 3 colors when you buy.
  3. The color of the stone on the charm is random.
  4. Send a message from here about the external shipping.
  5. The shipping will be within 1 to 3 weeks after purchase, because our kyozutsumi are handmade.
  6. Because it is hand-made, each item is unique and different than all the others.
    The designers make them individually. Love your one-only items 🙂