Spring Has Created Cherry Blossoms. Cherry Trees Take Me Out.

Spring has come to Japan.

Warm and calm spring invites me to head outside with a friend.

How about trying a new item on this spring day?
This is my new favorite.
Today, let’s take just a pocket and smartphone.
Don’t forget to buy bread for your lunch at Sizuya 😉

Warm sunlight and beautiful cherry blossoms. My friends look happy, too!
People enjoy the blossoms along Philosopher’s walk.
We have so many things to share, right? But, let’s stop talking and enjoy the stillness.
When I just look at the blossoms, they look different from last year’s.

We have lots of things to try.
Tea Ceremony at Camellia GARDEN?
Hanami alone next weekend?

A special spring day begins with cherry blossoms.

kyozutsumi” project is launching this spring.
We hope you like it and enjoy life with modern traditional Japanese items selected by Kyotogram.