Begin Your Evening in Kyoto with Kobe Beef

If you want to get the taste of the real Kobe beef, the only place you must visit is Kyoto. No matter what the fancy American diners advertise, there is no way you can get authentic Kobe beef back in the States. So, what’s the secret ingredient that makes this Japanese delicacy such raw and authentic?

Well, it’s a combination of two things – the Tajima-Gyu breed that is only found in Hyogo prefecture, and the love and tenderness with which the chefs of Kyoto cook the meat.

Kobe beef dinner in Kyoto – an experience to savor

Anyone who has tried the authentic Kobe beef dinner in Kyoto can vouch that this dish is not just hype, but the real deal. Meat lovers crave for the delicious, flavorful morsel coated with a high amount of intramuscular fat that just melts in your mouth. And the best part is that you can buy this dish in many forms.

If you’re craving for some steak, then try out the classic ‘Teppanyaki’ that everyone loves. There are plenty of places you can try this Japanese delicacy in Kyoto, but the best place that we recommend is, “Misono”.

Oh, and by the way, chefs can whip up authentic Kobe beef in forms such as Shabu-shabu (finely sliced pieces of beef boiled in a broth) and Sukiyaki (stew containing beef pieces, made in a hot pot) as well. This restaurant has a long history of serving authentic Japanese cuisine, which is not just limited to Kobe beef.

What to do after dinner?

  1. Hang around the Pontocho Area or hit the bar

The Pontocho Alley is arguably Kyoto’s most atmospheric dining area that runs from Shijo-Dori to Sanjo-Dori, just one block to the west of Kamogawa River. This alley is jam-packed with dining options, ranging from the highly affordable Yakitori to the most elusive contemporary and traditional Kyoto cuisine.

If you already have your stomach full of Kobe beef, visit one of the many bars in the area for some light refreshments. There’s nothing better than having your favorite drink while being caressed by the fresh air flowing from the Kamogawa River.

  1. Visit Yasaka Shrine at night

And what’s the best thing to do after your time at the bar when the alcohol buzz in your head feels just right? Visit the breathtaking Yasaka Shrine of course! This shrine is one of Japan’s very few Buddhist shrines that keep their lights shining well after dark.

This place has wonderfully illuminating paper lanterns covered in Kanji-writing, making for a spectacle to behold. A stroll in the evening or late at night in this holistic place will surely bring your day to the perfect completion. You can also combine this trip with a visit to Maruyama Park, which is famous for its cherry blossoms.

Come one, Come All!

When it comes to Nightlife, there are so many things to do, see, and eat in Kyoto that you’ll be left spoilt for choice. So, mark your calendar and book your tickets because this is one experience you should experience sooner, rather than later.