Two Hours Free Time in Kyoto? Why Not Make and Take Away a Japanese Tradition?

When we travel, we sometimes have free time with no idea how to fill it. What would do you do in this case?

You don’t need much time to buy souvenirs for the family, and honestly, you get tired of visiting shrines and temples—and it doesn’t seem so good just to spend your time in a café.

So, Kyotogram gives you some inspiration! You can make—and take away—a cool item within two hours!!

Have an experience with professionals, in just a few hours, and NO failure possible

This is Kyo-yuzen, a Japanese traditional fabric dyeing technique developed in Kyoto. It has a 300-year history in Kyoto, Japan. In Kyo-yuzen, we need the skill to dye, and to draw on a white cloth.
And you can make your own Kyo-yuzen item yourself at Marumasu-Nishimuraya in just a few hours!

All of the guests gave this studio highly-rated reviews:

  1. Your coach is a genuine professional
  2. You have an extensive lineup to choose from
  3. All the work is completed in a short time
  4. You never fail

1. Your coach for your first Kyo-yuzen experience is a professional creator. She or he explains the basic method of dyeing before beginning the work. You can do it on your own, but your coach will help you whenever you need.

His/Her instruction and advice is clear and kind. Furthermore, he/she points out your positive features, like your sense of colors and the position of your patterns, so you feel like a pro 😉

2. Kyotogram tried to make a tumbler, and there were plenty of items from which to select. From a handkerchief to a Japanese tapestry and even T-shirts, we’re sure you’ll find your favorite among them.

3. It took just one hour to complete our tumbler, even though we were completely beginners. Of course, professional designers take much more time to finish their works, but your session does not last long. It’s a perfect way to spend your time, isn’t it?

4. Marumasu-Nishimuraya has lots of pattern dyeing patterns, so don’t worry about your painting skills. Your coach also helps you to dye whenever you need.

We used three pattern types- a back shot of a geisha, a torii gate, and cherry blossom petals for our tumbler, but you can select from hundreds of patterns. After picking up your favorites, just dye, and take your masterpiece home!

First, we said this Kyo-yuzen experience is a good option for your unexpected free time. However, in fact, we recommend you to reserve the two hours, in order to visit!

More about Marumasu-Nishimuraya

This studio is built in a traditional Japanese architecture, machiya. It incorporates not only the studio, but also a gallery and a café (run separately).

The master, Yoshio Nishimura, has received much recognition for his long-term work in Kyoto and Japan. Around 60,000 people enjoy his classes every year.