Want to Know Japanese Architecture? Cafés Tell You.

For those who have an interest about Japanese architecture, what is the best way to learn about it? You’d get the basic knowledge if you check pages like this (link to outside Kyotogram). However, it’s not enough. What can we do, then?

Study tour? Good, but sounds too official and there aren’t many.
Living there then? This would be best, but sounds unreal, unfortunately.

So, we recommend you learn them cheaper, more frequently, more casually, and of course more realistically. The ways are…

1. Machiya, Town house café and stay

2. Shrine and Temple café

3. Café in Modern Architecture

Let’s check the each!

1. Machiya

Machiya is not as famous as shrines and temples, but there are lots of ways to enjoy this traditional Japanese house.

Machiya café

First, a café is the best and easiest way to really get into the atmosphere. Kyoto is machiya city and we have many machiya cafes. Citizens like to visit them every weekend because each has its own style. Then, we show you our recommendations;

  1. Zenkashoin

Zenkashoin offers a traditional and modern cozy café space for you. You’ll get its special sweets and tea in true Japanese style. Not only for your break, but also for a gift, we can get its products. Muromachi’s head store is near Nijo Castle, one of the most popular destinations.

  1. Starbucks

Last summer, the big coffee chain Starbucks opened a machiya-style store. It is located near Kiyomizudera temple, one of the must-visits in Kyoto, but it is guaranteed that we’ll get a special break time without the crowd’s noise.

Another way is staying. This would also be an affordable luxury option for your learning.

Machiya stay

Only 1 group (max. 4 people) can stay at les trois maisons per day.

We can stay and explore the life of machiya until we get fed up! It is near Kitano-tenmangu Shrine and Kinkakuji Temple, the Golden Pavilion.

2. Shrine and Temple café

Some shrines and temples have a rest space. For your sightseeing, not only walking but also sitting is a good way to enjoy traditional Japanese architecture.
Have some tea and sweets. Get relaxed and recharge your energy for your exploration.

  1. Taizoin

Taizoin temple has beautiful scenery with the fall leaves. However, it is not the only attraction we can enjoy at Taizoin. We can have a relaxing time with matcha while viewing the Japanese garden. It costs just 500 JPY (5 $)!

  1. Nanzenji

Nanzenji temple is another major spot for enjoying the four seasons in Japan. Hojo garden in the temple is also a good place to be in the cozy atmosphere of the temple.

3. Modern architecture

Traditional architectures isn’t Japan’s only pride. The 634m Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo is the best place to see a breathtaking panorama and romantic night view. Furthermore, it has a café and restaurant where you can get additional essence of the spot.

Kyoto has Kyoto tower in front of the central station.

It is also a multi-commercial facility. Scenery, restaurant, bar, public bath and activity shops welcome your visit.

Kyoto more than satisfies all the Japanese architecture explorer’s curiosity. Did you write down your bucket list? We hope you come to Kyoto and enjoy Japanese culture!