Take Your Best Photos at Japan’s Biggest Spots!

Japan is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Natural beauty, rich history, and modern commercial developments have helped the country accrue many fantastic tourist destinations. Due to their beauty and uniqueness, these places make for brilliant places to take pictures. A lot of people take photos at all such tourist destinations. These photos either capture the beauty of the place or the people themselves. Most of them often end up on Instagram, the top application for uploading and sharing photos. Head off to Japan and take great photos to send to your friends. Following are some of Japan’s most Instagrammed spots along with others to help you capture the best pictures.

The Kansai and Narita airports

Airports are very popular spots when it comes to taking photos. Japan’s airports are some of the busiest in the world, especially the Kansai and Narita airports. These two serve the two biggest districts of the country and make for fantastic places to take your first Japanese selfie. Nothing announces a vacation to Japan than taking a photo at the Narita and Narita airports with the plethora of people around you.

Tokyo Tower

Japan is a highly developed country with beautiful and detailed infrastructure, making some of its buildings. Such extravagant buildings are prime spots for some photos. So head off to the Tokyo Tower to capture the glory of Tokyo nightlife from high up. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower of Paris, this clone stands taller than the original and is a popular tourist destination.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Japan is a highly populated and busy country. Seeing the mass of people hustle around along its massive roads is quite a sight, and can serve as the background for a great photo. A spot for something like this is the Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo. It is the perfect place to capture the soul of this massive city in a photo.

Temples and Shrines

One of Japan’s most beautiful aspects is the historical temples that one can find everywhere. Some famous temples that can make for great photos are:

  • Asakusa Kaminarimon Gate in Tokyo
  • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple in Kyoto
  • Todaiji Temple in Nara

<The Big Buddha in Nara>

All three temples make for some brilliant sight-seeing destinations on a vacation. Their serene atmosphere and beautiful architecture provide breathtaking backgrounds for some amazing photos. The Todaiji Temple in Nara, also known as the Big Buddha in Nara, is the perfect place for some great shots. This temple houses a 15-metre statue of the Buddha, and its architecture makes for some fine backgrounds and pictures.

Universal Studio Japan and the Tokyo Disney Resorts

Two of Japan’s most famous vacation spots are the Universal Studio Japan in Osaka, and the Tokyo Disney Resorts in Chiba. Both resorts attract the greatest number of tourists and their facilities, such as the wax museum in the former, are fantastic for some Instragam uploads.

When going to Japan on vacation remember to not just stay in one city. Spending a little extra to travel to all these destinations makes for a more wholesome experience and more wonderful memories. Capture all those memories in some majestic photos and upload them to show all your followers just how much fun you had!