5 Popular Nightlife Hotspots in Kyoto, Japan that You Must Visit

Let’s just say that there are a lot of hidden places in Kyoto where the nightlife is blooming. You can finally escape the crowds, appreciate a good drink and indulge in a nightlife that is better in many ways.

Below, we are listing some of the best hidden nightlife hotspots in Kyoto right now.

1. Gion

Probably the most popular nightlife district in Kyoto and a favorite of the student population. The diversity of bars and clubs in Gion, however, makes the district perfect for every taste and style. Obviously, this includes the affordable luxury hunters too. If you worry about getting lost, we have a Night walk tour, too.

2. Miyagawacho

You can head to Miyagawacho, a large entertainment district on the banks of the Kamo river which is almost as large as Gion – and explore some of the best cafes, restaurants and clubs. We personally recommend you the Miyagawacho Beer Garden with great beers and wonderful people.

3. Kyoto Night View

If you want to see the night view of Kyoto, you can go to the roof of the Kyoto station – and see the city from another perspective. Even though this may not be the best idea of clubbing, it is still something that should go to your affordable luxury checklist when in Kyoto.

4. Yasaka Shrine

If you have been to Kyoto, you have probably seen the brightly lit shrine between the Gion and the Higashiyama districts, which is popular during the weekends and very photogenic at night. So, why not take a few camera shots while you are passing through?

5. Pontocho

Last on our list of Kyoto nightlife hotspots is Pontocho, an ancient alleyway that is full of bars, hostess clubs, karaoke bars, Geisha tea houses and restaurants. Whether it’s a bite or a drink, the fun never stops in the Pontocho district.

We hope that this article helped you visit some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants in Kyoto. Most importantly, we hope it will ‘open your eyes’ and let you see Kyoto from a different nightlife perspective!