Yukata for Female: Wear It to Your Own Style and Comfort

The Yukata is the perfect female clothing item for summer festivities in Japan. It is a type of kimono made from light weight cotton or synthetic material that absorbs moisture and keeps the wearer cool and comfortable. It is an alternative to the heavy kimono and widely used during summer festivities. The Yukata’s versatile style makes it perfect for both casual daytime activities and fun nights roaming the streets of Japan. While in Japan, you can wear the lightweight garment watching a display of fireworks, or while enjoying the Bon-Odori dance festivals, among other festivities. The Yukata are made with rich colors and a multitude of designs from which to choose. You will certainly find a robe that is to your taste and style. Moreover, after your tour in Japan, you’ll continue to enjoy wearing the Yukata for seasons to come. It is an affordable luxury from Japan that you should not miss.

A Brief History of Yukata

Translated, Yukata means “bathing robe” in English. The robes were traditional garments of noblemen worn after bathing in either private or public baths. They found that it absorbed water and moisture from the bath and kept their bodies cool and comfortable. In the Tokugawa, or Edo period, it became popular as street wear due to its modest appeal in design, material and price. During this time, Japan was experiencing its last traditional society without foreign influences, strict social norms and rules on luxurious indulgence. Since the robe varied in design and color from Yukata for women to men, was cheap, and made from cotton, and it became a fashion without being fashionable.

The Advantages of Yukata

Yukata for female is affordable and easy to wear, unlike the traditional kimono that is more intricate and difficult to assemble. Even when wearing the robe and nothing else, you can still feel covered and modest. One of the best advantages of the Yukata is its snug fit. To wear the robe, fold the right lapel to the left, tuck it under your right arm. Then, fold the left side of the robe over the right lapel. Then tie with an obi – lace, tie and adjust on the front of the robe.

Getting used to wearing the robe can be tricky at first. The most important step is to learn to pinpoint the center while holding together both sides. Practice wearing the Yukata for in advance if you’re planning on wearing it for a certain occasion or an important event. Wearing it with distinction and confidence will surely mark it as your personal style.

Aside from it being a comfortable summer wear, Yukata for women come in a variety of colorful designs that will never go out of fashion. You can wear it as a statement piece while dining out at a restaurant, in Japan or in your home country. You can wear it for sushi night, as a costume for a party, or as your house-robe whenever you want to be cool and relaxed.

Yukata for female are measured by length and not by size or fit. This means you can be of any figure or size and still look great in it. The length can be adjusted when you purchase it.

Accessorize your robe with Japanese slippers or a cute purse that compliments the robe. Since the Yukata do not have pockets a purse or a bag can be a useful addition. You can bring a small purse if you are dining out or a big bag if you are going shopping. Add a touch of style with the Japanese slippers, these can be flat or wedged. Fashion is unlimited when wearing a Yukata.

Designs and Patterns of Yukata for Women

In the past, the Yukata’s patterns and designs were limited to the types of colors and prints that were available. Most robes were dyed indigo as this was the favored dye color for cotton at that time. Now, with the different fabrics and colors that technology allows us, the robes’ designs, patterns and colors are limitless. You can find different colors such as pink, pale blue, yellow and green. Match these plain colors with floral patterned obi for contrast and definition. You can also choose a robe with bold and colorful designs. Alternatively, a classic white or subdued color with delicate floral patterns, matched with a bold colored obi. Since the Yukata is a favored apparel of young Japanese women, manufacturers produce beautiful designs that the young generations will surely love.

Kyoto offers a lot of shops you can try Yukata and go out. How about planning to visit Kyoto this summer? Have a nice Yukata trip!!

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