Bike Trip – A Great Way to Spice Up Your Trip in Japan

One of the main reasons why so many people that come from literally every corner of the world want to spend their vacation in Japan is the fact that there are so many things to do and see in this country. Shimanami kaido is definitely one of the things that you should check on your next trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

This is actually a road that is around 60 km long which is sometimes used by travelers who want to get a different perspective of this country. Shimanami kaido cycling is a unique activity that supports these tourist efforts. With this bike trip following Shimanami kaido, you can witness some excellent vistas while you are going through a picturesque landscape. Using a transport like this is both fun and good for your health which is something that most people today are looking for.


Besides the fantastic landscape, those who will spend some time on this road as part of their vacation will have a chance to check a few attractions. For instance, Ikuchijima Island is home to Kosanji temple. The same island is the place where you will find the Hirayama Museum, an art museum. Additionally, there are a few camping grounds and minshuku on these islands that will make your adventure even more fun.

Taking a Bike Trip at Shimanami kaido

More and more people are taking a bike trip while they are here, but this doesn’t mean that the road is too crowded. Namely, this is still an additional activity that can help people spice up their holidays. Spending a few more days on Shinamani kaido has proven to be a smart decision. What’s interesting is that this bike route is longer than the road (70 km). This is a well-organized and maintained a route that follows the road but also has a few splits.

This bike trip is suitable for any category of cyclists – from beginners to professionals. It takes around one day for an intermediate cyclist to finish this route.

The authorities have decided to create two bicycle rental systems that work perfectly. The first one is the regular system which is inexpensive and provides more terminals. Cyclists can use different types of bikes and all they have to do is to deposit one thousand yens for a day. The best part is that you can get a refund. The only exception is when you leave the bike at a terminal that is located on a different island. Remember that there are electric-assist bicycles too for those who want to travel through this area easily without affecting the nature.

The other system is the Giant rental system which is costlier and comes with just two terminals. The first one is at Onomichi Station and the other at Imabari Station. This system includes high-end bicycles that can be rented for a minimum of 4000 yen and up to 13000 yen.

A Bike Trip at Shimanami kaido to remember

As previously mentioned, there are many things that are worth visiting in this area. So, those who will use this bike trip should definitely be prepared to get out and explore these things.

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