I Feel Like Being Samurai Because I’m Staying at Samurai Area

Now, you can find restaurants, amusement parks and souvenir shops you feel like being samurai. However, it is the best for you to be in the ancient real samurai area, isn’t it?

Nagamachi area located in Kanazawa was once a residence for Samurais and their families. In Japan, it is the most well-preserved historical site offering visitors a unique peek into the past. For things to do in the district, you can visit Nomura-ke, a restored samurai residence. You will see how the elite lived, before going broke during the feudal era.

Another museum to visit is Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryokan. Here various artifacts are on display including the samurai armor. Just a walking distance from Nomura-ke is AshigaruShiryokan Museum. Visitors get to see how lowly-ranking soldiers used to live in small houses.

Staying in a Ryokan for Nice Accommodation

For a memorable stay consider booking a ryokan. It is a traditional Japanese inn which hosted samurais and other travelers. There are thousands all over Japan and booking one could prove rewarding. Some contain less than five rooms, and others are large like hotels with hundreds of rooms.

In authentic traditional ones you sleep in futon beds (a mattress on the floor). They also have tatami floors matted, and guests throughout the stay wear ‘yukata’ (a casual form of kimono).

You eat in a public area for socialization with other guests and the host. Visitors usually share the bathing area which has sometimes an Onsen (hot spring). Supper and breakfast with dishes from the traditional cuisines are served typically included in the price.

What to Expect

As you await supper, you can stroll the neighborhood and check out their garden. Also, be sure to relax at the Onsens, which are usually gender specific. During supper time you sit with all the guests on chairs with no legs. Everything comes in small servings. You can eat fish, shrimps, noodles, and drink sake.

Lying on your futon bed at the end of the night might feel uncomfortable if the mattress is thin. However, soon you will fall dead asleep and wake up in time for breakfast.

For things to do, try staying at a ryokan in this samurai area. You will have the most memorable night and feel just like a highly skilled warrior.

This is an example of the ryokan in the area.