How to Upgrade Your Japan Experience is… Machiya

Are you planning a vacation in Japan? Well, that’s great! This beautiful island is home to imperial palaces, thousands of shrines, mountainous national parks and temples and must be on your bucket list. These are what most people want to see if they visit Japan. However, you will definitely miss a lot of things if you don’t experience the unique culture of Japan including Tokyo, Kyoto and beyond. Not to mention the historical machiya that are sure to make your heads turn.

So what exactly is this machiya?

Machiya are wooden townhouses that are unlike modern Japanese houses. These houses have long interior and a narrow entrance. Once these were the residences as well as the workplaces of wealthy merchants. However, since are end of World War II, they have been disappearing as it has become difficult for them to bear the expensive maintenance.

You can always have a tour of Kyoto’s machiya and gape in awe. Also, you can experience the cultural programs and activities that these tours to machiya offer. Such as –

Tea ceremony

So what is this tea ceremony? Well, there will be an instructor, who you guide you while you try to make matcha tea. This is fun!


This is a traditional art of Japan. Here, a sheet of paper is transformed into a number of different shapes including flowers and animals via folding techniques.

Flower arrangement

You are surely going to adore the Japanese way of arranging flowers. In the flower arranging class, you will get to learn the differences between the western way of arranging flowers and the Japanese style.


Do you have a soft corner for art and craft? Then, this is for you. If you practice well, you can make your own calligraphic work. Isn’t it exciting?

Dressing up in kimono

A tour to machiya will give you an idea about kimono, as there will be a kimono specialist who will provide a lecture about kimono and how you can dress up in kimono.

Excited to visit Kyoto and have a tour of machiya? Book your tickets now!

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