Affordable Luxury Lunch at Nara Hotel, near Nara Park and Todaiji Temple

Nara Park, established in 1880, comprises of endless acres of green space, home to numerous temples including the hotel.

After paying homage to the 15-meter Buddha statue, at Todaiji Temple, set you large camera aside, as you dine at the most exclusive culinary spot in the park. If that is a challenging proposition, you can still take great photos, of the historic sites, from the balconies of the hotel. With free internet, you upload them instantly on Facebook or Instagram. What’s more, its century-old architecture is too, an attraction.

Start at the Tea Lounge

Sipping green tea from a delicate white teacup, while gazing to the land beyond the windows, as high as the ceiling, is an unforgettable experience. Tea is served with cakes accompanied with fresh flowers. Coffee lovers can also order a fragrant cup made with select beans.

First-Class Traditional Japanese Dining

Feeling exceedingly hungry, chefs at Nara Hotel, turn basic ingredients into a scrumptious meal. You eat, as you enjoy the art draping the walls. Also, there various wines available to drown the meal. Lunch consisting of assorted Sashimi, Tempura, simmered vegetables, seafood, teriyaki sauce, is served from 11:30-14:30.

Main Dining Room “Mikasa”

If you want a taste of French dishes, the main dining hall has you covered. Since the establishment of the hotel, visitors have enjoyed its beautiful atmosphere as they relish excellent dishes made with French culinary secrets passed from one chef to another. You can order some beef stew, chicken, shrimps, and fish, accompanied by a bottle of wine. Regardless of your crowd, the restaurant seats 130 guests.

Seven Banquet Halls

If you are a big crowd looking for a secluded space, to enjoy your lunch, there seven banquet halls with varying sizes, overlooking the terrace garden. You can host all kinds of celebrations at the hotel from farewell parties, meetings, reunions among other events.

Take a Drink

Ending your lunch break at the bar is a tempting proposition –try it. You sip drinks from around the world and even smoke a cigar. Ladies can order a cocktail or two. Whatever your poison, Nara Hotel has your needs at heart.

The hotel is only a 10-minute walk from Nara Park and 20 minutes from Todai-Ji temple. Visit for the luxury service.

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