Wazuka, a Town of Sprawling Green Tea Plantations in Kyoto

Wazuka town in Kyoto boasts of an 800-year history of tea production. Equally famous like the town of Uji, tea produced in the area is of high-quality. Species grown in the area include the world-famous Sencha and Matcha. Made a Japan Heritage in 2015, tourists have a lot to see and do. In addition, the area is scenic, wondrous and green all year-round. You also enjoy the warm welcome by the locals –and a peaceful cup of green tea. The following are things to do in the area:

  1. Tea Plantations in Ishitera

In Wazuka be sure to visit the plantations of Ishitera. The place is among the most picturesque places to take photos, even used in promotions. You will get a lot to see and do, including old Japanese houses.

  1. Plantations in Erihara and Sharasu

From Ishitera, the green tea plantations of Erihara and Sharasu are nearby. In fact, all the farms are along the same trail, progressing up the mountain. Hiking is the choicest means to see this progression, with stunning views along the way.

  1. Plantation in Harayama

Harayama hosts one the most uniquely shaped green tea plantations. Blending with the surrounding beauty, rest assured of excellent, inspiring photos. Getting to the area requires the services of a guide, to avoid getting lost in the intricate system of hills. However, this rare view is worth a spot on your bucket list.

  1. Other Things to Do in the Town

In town, all your culinary desires are fulfilled. You can sink your teeth in some Japanese green tea noodles called Chasoba or ice-cream. Sure, you have never tasted, tea chicken, right? Also, book a trip during November to be in town for the ChagenkyoMatsuri or Teatopia Festival, an event for tea lovers.

Wazuka offers visitors a chilled out, experience. You see and learn a lot, as you tick one item off your bucket list.

And the JR Pass is the best tool to visit there.