Next Trip? Go around Japan and Visit Sake areas!

Visit Japan and enjoy the local alcoholic drink known as Sake. The drink is made from fermented rice and is called Nihonsu so as to differentiate it from other drinks. In most of the drinking establishments known as izakaya, you will find Sake being served there. Sake will pair well with most of the foods that are served in Japan. There are different Sake Areas that have become famous among the tourist and we’ll introduce some of the most famous.

Nada in Kobe

Nada, near Kobe city is one of the famous Sake areas in Japan that is frequented by foreigners. In fact, it is Japans most famous and respected Sake area. If you want to tour a Sake Brewery in Japan, there are several located in Kobe and they allow visitors to tour their breweries. Amazingly, the breweries and drinking establishments around Kobe are still housed in traditional style buildings. The Establishments will also offer educative information at the museums located within the Sake areas.

Fushimi in Kyoto

Fushimi is one of the famous Sake areas within Kyoto. Fushimi offers information on the historic production of Sake and is also another area where tourist will tour to taste Sake. In fact, this area is the most productive in terms of Sake production and follows Kobe. Therefore it is a good Sake area in Japan to visit.

Sake tasting in Kyoto is here.

Aizu in Fukushima

Aizu Sake Museum is a historic Sake area in Japan that attracts local and international Sake fans. This area is famous for the learning opportunity that visitors get when they visit. There are traditional and modern Sake making tools on the display.


Attend the Sake no Jin fair and witness Sake producers from Niigata. This is an area that is widely known for the production of rice and also Sake. This is a area where you can get to taste all types of Sake produced in Japan.

Saijo in Hiroshima

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Saijo is a good Sake area because of the good rice that is grown there. Another factor is the water that contains minerals that enable the breweries there to produce nice tasting Sake.

If you are visiting Japan, these are some of the best places where you can get the best Sake. Book a trip today and feel the experience.