Dance until the Sun Comes up at Gion

Gion is all about fun! If you are interested in partying all night, then this is a unique place for you to visit in Japan. Its effervescent nightlife will definitely make you fall in love with this Kyoto district, never wanting to let go.

Japanese and International Culture Blended to Perfection

Gion is world renowned as a place where Japanese history comes alive. Geiko and maiko, geisha and ninja are all there! Wearing traditional kimonos with heavy makeup and nicely ornate hair, a geisha will walk by you and bow. If you truly want to learn more about Japanese culture and the glorious past of geishas, you can take the guided tour.

But as the night unfolds its mysteries, you are greatly encouraged to indulge in contemporary Gion nightlife at Maharaja. Get in the club and mingle with the Japanese, no matter where you come from. Enjoy the spectacles, as there are daily shows with geisha dance and ninjas.

Of course, disco could not be left out of the district’s vibrant nightlife. Colorful lights and all the classic disco hits offer the perfect setting for dancing non-stop. Especially when you try out sake in between your visits to the dance floor, you will be full of energy and anticipate towards showing off your moves!

Fantasy Brought to Life

In this place of Kyoto, fantasy is brought to life, and the outcome is purely mesmerizing. You get the feeling that time has stood still, although the service you receive at the club is top notch! But when you look around you, it is a thrilling mix of the past and the future that you see.

At one moment, you may think you are a protagonist at one of those romantic Japanese films that you love. The next moment, you feel a contemporary vibe overwhelming you. The experience is amazing! Nobody can resist the special charm of this district. Its great aesthetics, its hospitable locals, and friendly atmosphere are all elements adding to your overall satisfaction.

In Gion, anything can happen. You just join the other attendees at the club and start dancing, laughing and having the time of your life. In an inspiring setting of extraordinary décor and modern facilities, you find the most striking place to live your dreams and fantasies.

Partying in Gion: A Unique Experience

Let the drinks flow in abundance and listen to your favorite tracks. Check out the exclusive spectacles with the geishas and ninjas, as they are great at what they do and they lift your spirit through their performances. Nightlife in Gion is full of surprises, and you are welcome to discover them all.

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