Temple in Kyoto is the Best Friend of Your Authentic Tea Ceremony

Come and visit the Ginkakuji Temple, a renowned UNESCO Heritage Site that will let you experience the profound culture of Japan. The temple’s principal building was constructed in the year 1474 by Ashikaga Yoshimasa, a shogun. It was built to rival the Kinkakuji Temple that was originally assembled by Yoshisama’s grandfather. They originally planned to decorate it with silvers; unfortunately, the war has hampered the construction of the temple. This building, however, became a prime location to experience the refined and restraint culture of Japan. A few minutes away from this Kyoto Temple would be Gen-an where the traditional tea ceremony is being conducted.

Things to Expect during the Tea Ceremony

Once you choose to join the traditional tea ceremony, you will also be taught about the proper manners when serving tea. All participants will be able to experience the tea-serving practice during the ceremony. You will be able to experience all of this in a traditional tea room that is nestled in an authentic tea garden.

Right at the tea room, the guide will educate you about the proper way of preparing the tea. You will be amazed at how sophisticated the entire process is. This will allow you to prepare the tea depending on your personal preference. Joining the tea ceremony in Gen-an will allow you to have a taste of the wide selection of oriental tea. The whole learning process is also adjusted based on the learning curve of the guests. In case you think the whole procedure is too intricate, the guide will change the phase to make it suitable for you. All instructions are delivered in the English language which makes it easier for the foreign audience to understand.

Enjoying the Traditional Tea Ceremony near Ginkakuji Temple

Those who are interested in the Samurai culture can also feel and experience the same ambiance. We all know that all samurai warriors have been enjoying this ceremony during the ancient times. The tea ceremony will also be conducted with porcelains. The bowls are made from an array of ceramics, and you will be amazed on how the taste of the tea can change depending on the material of the bowl.

The calming and soothing experience of the tea ceremony will heal and rejuvenate your soul. The sound of the nature like the chirping of the birds and the sound of the rustling leaves will make you feel refreshed. This will be a great experience not only for you but also for the entire family. Taking photos are not restricted, and you can fully share every moment of the ceremony in this Kyoto temple on your social media accounts.

Join the tour near the Ginkakuji Temple and learn about the sophisticated and refined Japanese tea ceremony. They have friendly and warm guides that will make every moment, exciting and memorable.

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