Your Best Ryokan can be Found at Gion in Kyoto, we think

Aryokan is a special kind of traditional Japanese inn. It is the oldest kind of hotel in the world, having existed since the eighth century. The oldest hotel in the world is a ryokan – Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan was built in 705AD.

Gion is a beautiful region of Kyoto that features many of these types of hotel – offering a true experience of more rural and traditional Japanese culture. Staying in a ryokan in Gion is a great way to explore traditional and older Japanese culture and really relax and unwind while you’re in Kyoto.

The District of Gion

Gion was originally built for travellers and tourists who would come to the region to visit the Yasaka Shrine. However over time it grew and developed into one of the most well-known and exclusive districts – famous for its geisha. It is famous for its preservation of traditional entertainment like the geisha and its architecture, with a part of this district recently being made a national historical preservation district.

The best Ryokan in Gion

Because Gion has made significant efforts to preserve the natural and historical beauty of Japan, it is one of the best places in Kyoto to find a ryokan to stay in.

One of the best ryokan in Kyoto is situated right on the doorstep of the Kiyomizu Temple. Nazuna Gion-Tei is a perfect base for those wanting to explore the best attractions that Gion has to offer. With the Nijo Castle, Sanjusangendo Temple, Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Yasaka Shrine all within walking distance, it is a great place right in the middle of it all.

This ryokan offers Wi-Fi so you can keep in touch with family back home while you’re there, as well as offering breakfast every morning so you can be well prepared for the day ahead. A relaxing and private hotel, you will feel secluded from everything at the end of a long day exploring. With all the mod cons available, you may never want to leave this ryokan! You will feel relaxed and pampered after staying here, with a luxurious bath tub and flat screen TV. Although this ryokan features many modern amenities, you will still appreciate the authenticity of traditional Japan.

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Why a Ryokan?

Ryokan provides a true Japanese experience, and although slightly more expensive than other, more modern hotels that can be found in Kyoto, it is certainly worth the extra money. Authentic Gion entertainment, real customer service and rooms so wonderfully decorated that no expensive has been spared and no detail too small.

If you’re looking for a real Kyoto experience but want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the relatively modern city – Gion is a perfect location.

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