Find the Fall in Kyoto 2017! Try Local and Quiet Places for the Best of the Fall Leaves!

Hi everyone! Have you checked out the last article? Today, I’ll show you two temples and a shrine colored with fall leaves.
The beautiful fall leaves season is starting to end. Are you planning to enjoy it? If so, hurry up!

Today’s spot

1. Sekizan-zenin temple

2. Myoenji temple

3. Shingu jinja shrine

Sekizan-zenin temple is a quiet but popular temple in Kyoto. To get there, take the Eizan-dentetsu train and get off at Syugakuin station. It’s then a 15-minute trip by foot to the temple.
By the way, Syugakuin Imperial Villa could be also your trip destination. Note that you can see the villa for free, but a booking is needed in advance.

It was cloudy when I visited Sekizan-zeinin temple, but a few other people were also there to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere.

The next destination is Myoenji temple, to which I walked 20 minutes.

Does Daikokuten, the god of households and of wealth, look cute or solemn?

<Daikokuten is the right side, not left.>

And lastly, the Shingu jinja shrine.

Is there anything you want to see? The three above are not massively famous spots, but are undoubtedly excellent places to experience authentic Japanese tradition and culture.

See you next week!