Find the Fall in Kyoto 2017! Meet the Secret Beautiful Spot where the Tourists Never Know

Hi everyone! From today, I’ll show you “today’s Kyoto” every week (at the moment this is just a plan though), and I hope these fall sceneries inspire your next trip destination.

Also, when I visit temples and shrines, I collect “goshuin stamps”. They can be wonderfully interesting trip souvenirs.

So, let’s go!

Today’s spot

Kajuji temple

Kajuji is a small temple and actually not so popular among Japanese people. Only people in the Yamashina area visit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere here.

Our trip starts from Kawaramachi station, one of the central areas of Kyoto (another is Kyoto station).

Enjoy not only nature’s beauty, but also local life while walking 🙂

And when we get to Higashiyama station, take the train bound to “Rokujizo” and get off at Ono station. It’s then just a 10-minute walk to Kajuji temple!

And don’t forget to get the goshuin stamp! This is proof you visited the temple.

They say Kajuji temple has another face in the spring and summer by showing the lotus. I’m going to visit in those seasons too.

Did you enjoy this blog today? See you next week!