Visit Shirakawago for the Best Japanese Beef, Hidagyu

Our adventure of the wonderful Japanese land leads us to Takayama a city that is also the gateway to hiking experience in Japan. The landscape is perfect for hiking and after a nice sightseeing tour around the city as you sample the best Japanese beef called Hidagyu. Home to the UNESCO listed village of Alps and Shirakawago, Takayama offers a nice experience to first-time visitors and those making a return tour since the experience is never fulfilling.

The best location for the best Japanese beef

Declared UNESCO World heritage center, Shirakawago is a good place to visit. Not only will you get to see the UNESCO houses in Shirakawago, but you will also have a chance to taste the Japanese Beef, Hidagyu.

Hidagyu is known to be the finest beef that comes from the Black-haired cattle raised in Gifu Prefecture. Every tourist visiting Japan makes their way to Shirakawago for a tasty serving of deliciously cooked beef. You will love the creativity in preparing this wonderful tasty meal. The beef is safe for consumption and to verify this, it is certified and graded as either Grade A or B by the Hida beef brand promotion conference.

The Japanese beef is special and has a beautiful marbled pattern that makes it the best meal to have in Japan. The coating done prevents the tasty juice and the nice aroma from escaping. After cooking the beef is usually very tender and even children will love it. So if you are traveling with the children, don’t leave them behind as you enjoy your afternoon in Takayama. Cut from the loin, that will leave your mouth melting even before it is served. You can ask the chef to serve it with a traditional dish of your choice for a better experience.

Let’s head to Takayama for the best beef experience with the bullet train!