Your Exploration for the Best Sake Starts from a Hotel

Hey, its holiday time and I know you would like my input into the holiday ideas in Japan. How about exploring your best Sake tour in Kyoto, Japan? Trust me there are several lovely things to do there, and wonderful places to visit including Nishiki Food Market.

Visit Kyoto in Japan

Kyoto is one place you should visit where you will have a chance to see the classical Buddhist temples you have always heard about, and the imperial palaces built back in the day when the city served as the capital of Japan. Obviously, learning about the traditional dishes that have been prepared in Japan and also get to stay in Hotels within Kyoto that still serve the traditional food. One of them and where you should stay for a rich experience of Japanese traditional dishes and wines is Villa Aneyakoji.

Stay for Sake in Kyoto

Villa Aneyakoji is a private hotel located in the quiet backyard of Kyoto. There you will find traditional furniture that remains very famous in Japan, and you get to learn the inspiration of the old Japanese craftsmen in designing these exciting furniture. Most importantly, you will have nice time at the Aneyakoji bar where you will taste the different traditional Sake.

Enjoy Sake Menu in Kyoto

Do you love traditional wines? This is a perfect opportunity to sample the best Sake in Japan and specifically made by the people of the ancient city Kyoto. Even if you have never tasted the Japanese rice wine, then you will love the opportunity since at Aneyakoji you will find different brands of Sake.

After tasting the best Sake at Aneyakoji, the nest destination will be in Nishiki Food Market where you will find more than 100 shops and restaurants. You will have an opportunity to continue sampling some of the best dishes prepared in Kyoto style.

Of course, this will be one of your best trips in Japan since there is a lot to do in Kyoto. If you enjoy sampling traditions of different people, then this is the best place to be.