Night Cruising at Miyajima, Seeing the World Heritage Torii Gate

Would you like to admire the Great Torii Gate at Miyajima? The great gate signifies the boundary between the world of humans and that of spirits. It is one of the most famous landmarks of Japan, and you can see it from up close, while night cruising and enjoying the vibrant nightlife of the island.

Welcome to the Island of Gods

The island of Miyajima is home to a floating shrine and one of the most characteristic landmarks in Japan. It offers exquisite landscapes of unspoiled beauty and a plethora of amazing activities for travelers to indulge in. For example, the virgin forest of Mount Misen and the Momijidani Park are wonderful places for hiking tours.

Apart from all that, however, it is worth mentioning the effervescent nightlife of Miyajima as a special attraction. By day, travelers enjoy the Great Torii Gate and visit the sights and attractions. By night, however, things change. The whole island is awake and a night cruise sounds like the perfect thing to do.

Instead of turning in early, tourists are welcome to join the party and admire the beautiful scenery. The laid-back atmosphere, the hospitable locals and the wide variety of entertainment options offer a unique experience. On an island that never seems to go to sleep, everyone stays up and enjoys the ride too!

Affordable Luxury for Your Eyes Only

Are you interested in exploring one of the most distinctive places in Japan, the Great Torii Gate, as well as delve in the magical nightlife of Miyajima? You are most welcome to choose luxury accommodation and fully customized services. This is the first step, before setting out on a magnificent travel experience in the Orient, a journey that will shape memories of a lifetime for you!

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