Tea Ceremony Offers a Great Experience of the Japanese Culture

So you have heard of the Japanese “way of tea” or the tea ceremony and have been wondering what it really is? Well, your curiosity will come to an end the day you visit Kenrokuen.  Located in Kanazawa Japan, Kenrokuen is an old private garden where you will find the best brands of Japanese tea. Taste Japanese Matcha, and you will notice the superior taste of the best tea in Asia. Served in the tea ceremony that is held regularly in Japan, matcha is a wonderful serving that will leave your mouth wanting more of it.

About Japanese Tea Ceremony

The traditional name is Chanoyu or Ocha, and it is a ritual that is held to celebrate Japanese green tea. It is served with Japanese sweets so as to balance the bitter taste of the green tea. Attend this ceremony, and you will learn the importance attached to the green tea of Japan also known as Matcha.

At the tea ceremony, you will also have an opportunity to taste Wagashi served with the tea.  This is Japanese herbal sweets intended to give the tea a sweet taste since the Matcha is usually a bitter kind of tea. There are diverse ingredients used in preparing wagashi which will include the rice cakes, Japanese agar, and rice flour. At the tea ceremony, you will have an opportunity to learn how to prepare the sweets.

Why Kenrokuen?

Kenrokuen is one of the scenic places you should visit in Japan and not only to taste Japanese tea but because also of the rich history attached to Kenrokuen. In fact is one of the three most important gardens in Japan that every visitor must visit to believe the qualities of perfection attached to Kenrokuen. Built in 1774, and made public back in 1874, the garden is believed to be protected by Yuki-Tsuri. This is the system that is believed to hold the garden and protect any of the branches from breaking. It is indeed a beautiful place where you can stroll as you enjoy the Japanese tea and the beautiful scenery.

Visit Kenrokuen and learn about the tea culture in Japan as you sample some of the best tea brands in Japan, as you learn about the most beautiful way the Japanese protect their gardens.

Visit Kenrokuen, Kanazawa with the bullet train!!