Specially Luxurious Bullet Train Travel in Japan is Colored… Green?

From great architectural designs to the transport network, there are several things to do in Japan. One of the attractions you must feel to believe is the experience of the green car aboard the Japanese bullet train, commonly referred to as the Shinkansen. Cruising at a speed of 300km/hr, you will love the experience you will have in the Shinkansen green car, and you will always choose it when traveling around Japan. Many people overseas describe the bullet train of Japan as the most comfortable, convenient means of travel and also as the safest. Here are some of the attractive points.

The Green Car Luxury

The Bullet train of Japan has a car that is different from the ordinary cars, and it is called the green car. Aboard the green car, you will get train travel experience that is like no other in the whole world. Here are some of the features.

Excellent Service and Furnished Interior

On arrival at the boarding pass check unit, an attendant greets you then she checks your ticket and shows you where to seat. You will be offered a blanket, warm towel and slippers and an eye mask if you need one. There interior of the green car is fully furnished. The floor and roof are lavishly decorated, and the seats look wonderful and fitted with the latest technology. Each green car has six rows of seats, and therefore there is better sitting space. You have ample leg room, and you can use the reclining feature and a footrest that is fitted on the luxurious chairs. The seats have a button on your seat that you can use to call the attendant if you need assistance.
The bathrooms are super clean unlike those in the ordinary cars, and therefore, you feel at home aboard the green car of the bullet train.

Additional Features

Next to your seating space, there is a place you can hang your coat, and you are free to use the power ports to charge your devices. If you would like to use the laptop, you can pull the foldable table at the back of the seat in front of you and place it on it to make sure you are comfortable. The reading light is also available if you need more light you can adjust it so that you are comfortable when reading. If it is cold, the seat has a warmer to make sure you are comfortable on board.

The Bullet Train of Japan Is Meticulously Cleaned in Seven Minutes

This is one of the amazing stories told around the world about the Japanese Bullet train. They clean the cars in less than ten minutes and make sure that all the places including under the seats and the windows are cleaned. Finally, the cleaners will greet the awaiting passengers with the usual Japanese bow, and they leave, then you can board the train. Aboard the Green car, you will experience luxurious travel, which is superior to the experience aboard the ordinary car. Book a trip today for a memorable experience.