Dining Experience at the Best Restaurant in Tokyo and 345 Meters above the Ground

Tokyo sky tree is one of the hidden secrets in Japan that you should discover for a spectacular experience in your life.  The building has an impressive engineering and architecture and is the third tallest structure in the world. The best experience you should not miss is dinner at one of the highest positions in the whole world and of course the highest point in Japan.

With a stunning view of Tokyo`s sprawling metropolis and beyond, you have a wonderful opportunity to take photos that you will enjoy the best moments in your lifetime. Featuring one of the best Chefs in Japan, Sky restaurant 634, offers you an excellent service and the meals are the best around the world.

What You Should Expect When You Visit Sky Restaurant 634

A View of Your Lifetime

Apart from the fantastic view of the city of Tokyo, you get an opportunity to see Mt. Fuji the highest volcano mountain in Japan.  The mountain is located about 100 kilometers the southwest of Japan, and if the sky is clear, you will have an opportunity to photograph the mountain from a distance.

Experience the Best Combination of French and Japanese Cuisine at a Fair Price

At the best restaurant in Tokyo, Master Chef Naoya will serve you with the best dishes in Tokyo or what is commonly referred to as the Tokyo cuisine, stylish food that is a blend of the French technique offering you a taste of the best Japanese food. The dishes are beautifully and creatively presented, and from far you will think the waiter is bringing you some fine artwork.

The dishes at Sky restaurant 634 are pocket-friendly, and you are guaranteed a healthy meal that offers you value for your money.  Note that the dishes will change depending on the ingredients that are available in the season. In case you have allergies or dietary restrictions, the hotel will fully accommodate your special needs.

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Note that you have to make an advance reservation. You can make your reservation online or on the 4th floor of Tokyo sky tree. When making the booking, please provide the details of the date you plan to visit, the time and also the number of guests that will accompany you for dinner. To avoid disappointments, please check the calendar because the restaurant is closed on some national days and the end of the year.

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