Unforgettable Things to Do at Night from a Long-Standing Tradition in Kyoto

In Japan, one of the cities that is still highly in-tune with unique Japanese traditions is Kyoto. At the same time, Kyoto is also one of the most bustling cities in Japan that embraces the modern style of living as well as enjoying it fully. That is what makes Kyoto unique and thousands of tourists flock to this city every year to experience that kind of feeling.

Though there are many things to do while in Kyoto, not everyone has had the experience enjoying dinner with a geisha – which is one of Kyoto’s pride.

The long-standing pride of Kyoto – experienced in one wonderful night

One of the things to do at night in Kyoto is to have evening dinner accompanied by a geisha. A geisha is a sophisticated entertainer that goes back to old Japanese times and their company was only enjoyed by aristocrats due to its price. Nowadays, one may experience a truly unique geisha experience almost the same as before – and even more.

Let us tell you Exclusive Kyoto experience. The experience will have exclusive transfers to and from the restaurant to the accommodation. The place will make one feel that they are truly back in olden times as they are well-preserved and maintained.

Afterwards, you will then be guided towards the private room where drinks are unlimited. Then the time comes where the geisha will be introduced during which you can interact with them and ask general questions. After breaking the ice, the most fun starts as they will be performing traditional geisha dances while you enjoy your food and drink. Apart from these dance performances, you will also be able to play games with them such as asobi – a traditional Japanese game that you will truly enjoy with your friendly geisha. To top the night off, you will have an exclusive photo session with your geisha – a memento for a truly remarkable experience.

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