Want Better Healthy Lifestyle without Spending a Dime? Adopt Tatami Flooring!

Since the dawn of time, people have come up with many inventions that have helped us gain better life health. However, contrary to popular belief, these inventions were not always a result of complex experiments. The Tatami, for example, is a simple Japanese innovation that is used as flooring material that can be a boon to your health.

Tatami mats can usually be seen in traditional Japanese houses and places of worship. They’re made from all natural plant byproducts and are said to have tons of therapeutic properties. But how will a simple straw mat make our life better?  If that’s the question you have in mind, don’t worry because we’ll tell you how.

Health benefits of introducing tatami in a room

1. Imbues a sense of relaxation in the atmosphere

Since this flooring is made of multiple rice straw layers, interlaced and compressed, it helps create a sense of warmth and relaxation. It is soft enough for people to sit comfortably as well as lie down or sleep on it. Unlike Western mattresses that are often too soft, the firmness of the tatami helps you to maintain a correct position that relieves muscle tension. Walking barefoot is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for the knees and lower legs as it eases the strain that walking might cause.

2. Purifies air

The all natural components of a regular tatami mat allow it to absorb carbon dioxide and dissolve it. In addition to filtering the ambiance, the unique ingredient called Phytoncide (contained in the rice straw) emits an outdoors like scent that many believe has healing properties.  At a time when artificial things sound is everywhere, who doesn’t like to have a piece of nature inside of their home?

3. Regulates the room temperature

How about having a natural air conditioner in your home that doesn’t consume energy? Well, it is possible now with the tatami. These mats are spongy and are excellent in absorbing moisture, thermal insulation, and providing warmth. A tatami room is a perfect place to be during all the four seasons of Japan, especially when the air gets dry and moist.

4. A sustainable alternative

When you choose tatami over traditional furniture, know that you’re making a 100% eco-friendly investment. No trees have to be cut in the production process as it only takes one season to grow rice plants, using which tatami is made. Unlike hardwood flooring, the tatami straws can be reused to create new tatami that can last easily up to 10 to 15 years.

Make the sensible choice

The health benefits we’ve mentioned are just four among the many that you stand a chance to get with tatami flooring. So, you now know what to get the next time you decide to buy furniture.