5 Most Puzzling Cities to Navigate for the Directionally Challenged

To experience the world in a way you’ve never done before, sometimes all you may need to do is put your map away. We all have a fear of getting lost in an unfamiliar city, but it can also be an excellent way to discover new things that you won’t find in guidebooks. However, this idea can be particularly more challenging for those who are directionally challenged.

Sure, we know how much you love a challenge and strive to be among the real Globetrotters. So, if you think you can handle it, check out the cities mentioned below that leave even the most experienced travelers baffled.

5 most puzzling cities to navigate

1. Boston, USA

Boston’s old-world charm may still be alluring for its residents and neighboring Americans, but the city’s layout can be a nightmare for travelers. Boston’s design reminds us of the early days of America, which was charming but also mind-boggling. The majority of the city’s streets are winding, and aren’t even gridded in an accurate fashion. This can be confusing for drivers and pedestrians alike.

2. Venice, Italy

The romantic city of Venice might be a honeymooner’s paradise, but it can also be incredibly confusing to navigate. If you have problems with directions, the bridges, canals, narrow curving streets, and the abrupt dead ends may put you in significant confusion. If you feel daring, wander off from the touristy locations and let the mazelike streets be your guide. Who knows, you might end up discovering a part of Venice that is unique from the rest.

3. New Delhi, India

No matter which part of India you may want to visit, it’s likely that you will land in New Delhi for the very first time. According to a recent report by a technology company named Drivemode, New Delhi has emerged as the third hardest city to navigate in the world. Yes, that’s right! India might be a land of diversity and rich experiences, but it sure as hell can be overwhelming to a casual traveler.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Whereas Kyoto is one of the most navigation friendly cities in the world, Tokyo can be said to be the exact opposite. The bustling pace, eye-catching scenery, and flickering lights can prove to be disorienting for many. The Japanese address system is undoubtedly unique and hard to understand initially. So, you can never rule out the chances of getting lost even if you stay on your tracks.

5. Washington DC, USA

Despite having a gridlike layout, Washington DC remains a tough city to navigate. Streets are lettered, numbered, or named after a state. And to make matters worse, the roads often intersect in bizarre ways. Traffic circles and one-way roads can be extremely bothersome for cyclists and drivers, while pedestrians have to deal with order street quirks. The capital of America is an excellent travel destination nonetheless.

Up for the challenge?

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