The Samurai self-defense training will help keep you and the people around you safe

Samurais used to train in unarmed combats right from the early childhood. They used to train in bujutsu style martial arts, named differently in that time. It later evolved into karate, judo, and aikido. Unarmed combat practice made them fierce warriors and also conditioned their body physically.

Samurai trained with a weapon like naginata. Spending hours while training with the weapon not only conditioned them physically but also gave them a warrior spirit.

To defend yourself during an attack and get a glimpse of Samurai spirit, you will achieve this best by enrolling in a martial art class. Afterwards, it is your hard work, practice, and dedication that takes you towards the true Samurai spirit.

Remember, Samurai used to start training right from the early childhood. It will take years of hard work to be anything like a Samurai in the true sense, but once you adopt the Samurai lifestyle, you can do it. Modern life does not allow most of us to practice full time as a Samurai and we have to go to work. Be disciplined, do not skip any daily sessions. Samurai spirit is about commitment, devotion, and intensity. Whenever you practice, if you practice with extreme intensity, you will benefit many times more than practicing just for the sake of it.

If you get a break, you can learn koryu bujutsu, jujutsu (unarmed combat), kenjutsu (sword combat), sojutsu (Spear combat), Kyujutsu (Archery) full time.

Wanna watch Samurai performance?

Kyoto: Samurai Performance


How about…

searching Japanese martial arts classes in your area?
You don’t need to attend the class everyday. Just visiting the class may stimulate your inspiration or training incentive.
Anyway, disciplined training makes you strong mentally and physically.


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