5 Matcha Fun Facts

1. You can add matcha to foods

Even though matcha in its purest form refers to unsweetened, tradition, green tea, the matcha boom has hit the chefs’ kitchens all over the world. Matcha can be prepared in soups, drinks, shakes, muffins, ice creams, sauces, pancakes, cookies, you name it! Its powdered presentation makes it easy to incorporate in practically any recipe. You can get creative when using matcha!

2. It has a strong taste

Matcha has a strong, bitter, seaweedy taste. In Japan, they have millenarian a green tea culture, which means their palettes are much more used to this taste. Some American sellers have mixed matcha with sugar, milk, chocolate, or other flavors to sweeten its taste. However, the mix does alter the many health benefits of matcha, so we do recommend drinking it in its purest form.

3. There are Different Grades of Matcha

Much like everything in life, there are different qualities of Japanese Green Tea to choose from in the market. Usually, when it comes to pure matcha, the difference in quality will affect the taste, but not the properties or health benefits.

The price ranges from approximately 10 $ per 30 grams to 50 $ per 30 grams or higher. The ceremonial tea is the highest quality, while the cooking tea is the lowest quality. You will be able to tell the difference by simply looking at the color of the powdered tea. Lower-grade matcha tends to be a lighter green while the higher grade is a vivid green.

Simple & Easy Matcha experience

Kyoto: Tea Ceremony Experience

4. Japanese Green Tea contains more caffeine than coffee

Due to its production process, in which the tea leaves are left in the shade for weeks before harvesting, the plant produces more caffeine than regular green tea or coffee. However, the antioxidants and theanine are also boosted during this process, which means that the effects of the intake of caffeine in the body will be contrasted with a relaxing effect.

The combination of relaxing and energetic produces a stable energy boost that can last all day long!

5. It helps you battle halitosis

Matcha also contains a high amount of chlorophyll, which has detoxing properties. The tea in its purest for will detox your digestive track, and having a clean, healthy digestive process avoids having bad breath.


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