Sake or Beer: Which One Should You Bring to the Party?

Sake is also called rice wine, and within its own complexity, it has, like wine, many categories. It even has a taste similar to wine.

But did you know that sake is actually more like beer? In the preparation of beer, the starches found in grain are turned into sugar, which is fermented into alcohol. The preparation of sake follows the exact same principle.

When comparing sake with beer, which one should you try? Are they really that different? Let’s find out!

Sake vs. Beer: Meet the Contestants

Both sake and beer come in many shapes and colors! So let’s compare them on their most basic level:

Team sake features the junmai sake, it is the regular economic sake. A 6oz serving of sake contains an average of 187 calories.

Team beer features the traditional wheat-based lager. A 12 oz serving contains 153 calories, surprisingly less than sake since the latter is made of rice!

However, don’t be fooled by numbers, beer contains 14mg of Sodium, while sake has only 2mg. Which means that sake is healthier for the cardiovascular system!

Moreover, sake has 16.1g of alcohol, while beer has 13.9g, this is why sake is drunk in smaller quantities and enjoyed over larger periods of time than beer.

The More you Know…

…the happier you drink!

Sake is a more versatile drink than beer, sake can be drunk warm of chill, so it is perfect for both hot and cold weathers. Meanwhile, beer is best enjoyed cold.

Sake has additional benefits aside from being weather friendly, that will help you drink it to your heart’s content, guilt-free! Some of these benefits are:

* Reduces the risk of cancer.
* Prevents cerebrovascular diseases.
* Prevents high blood pressure.
* Prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
* Prevents diabetes.
* Prevents overweight
* Prevents skin aging.

Do you need any more reasons to drink sake with your friends instead of beer? There is a Japan style fun way to drink it!

Nishiki food market walk, sake-tasting, and cooking

The King Drinking Game

All traditional drinking games apply to beer and sake, but there are specially designed games for the rice-based drink! One of the most popular is the Osama (King) Game.

* Each player draws a chopstick (one of these has “Osama” written in it, the others have numbers on them).

* The player who draws the “Osama” chopstick is chosen as the king.

* The King makes up fun dares for the other players.

* The dares usually include people drinking shots of “sake”(thus getting healthier, and drunker).

* The most interesting part is that The king doesn’t know who he is designing each dare for since there are no names involved, only their secret chopsticks designated numbers!

Granted, you could do this game drinking beer. However, it wouldn’t be quite the same!

To Each His Own

Sake is a healthy, fun drink. And, as people say, new is always better. So why not bring some sake to your next party instead of beer, and drink the way we drink in Japan!