Got Caught Sleeping on the Job? Chance to Introduce Tatami!

We all know about the necessity of a good night’s sleep for good health and improve productivity. But did you know that some organizations let their employees take a quick nap on the job? Yes! As shocking as it may sound, some work cultures permit their employees to take rest at work if they’re not getting enough at home.

It’s no secret that Japan has some of the hardest working employees in the world, with many working over 80 hours each week. So, some of the top brass Japanese companies allow their employees to get a quick shuteye before resuming work once again.

The benefits of getting a good sleep

Healthy sleep is as crucial as regular exercise, proper diet, and stress management. However, a lot of Americans hold the opinion that sleep is expendable. It is only recently that the research has shown that cutting down on sleep can have adverse health effects, even determining how long you will live.

Sleep, even if it means taking a light nap in the middle of work, can help you in the following ways:

  • It increases your clear thinking ability and boosts cognitive functions
  • Improves the ability to learn and retain information
  • Improves your skin and your overall appearance
  • Shields you from a myriad of heart diseases
  • Can boost physical performance by at least 30%

Now, if you are working 9-to-5 or maybe even 9-to-8, wouldn’t you want to get a bit of rest to rejuvenate yourself? Of course you would! Who knows, the rest of the world might catch on to the age-old Japanese culture that has been time tested to be effective.

How can the Tatami help you get better sleep?

The tatami is revered in Japan for its therapeutic qualities that affect both mind and body. If you’re not getting enough sleep at night and your office doesn’t permit you to snooze, then consider installing tatami flooring. These mats will let you compensate for shorter sleeping times by improving sleep quality.

These mats are made using rice straw as a core, which are bound, pounded, and sewn tightly, before they are covered with a softer rush of straw. These mattresses are soft enough to make you feel comfortable and hard enough to not let you inadvertently doze off to dreamland.

In a way, we can say tatami is a healthier alternative to a bed or sofa. Expect to get major changes in your lifestyle with just one tatami room in the house. So don’t delay any further, choose a better life right now.