Enjoy the Benefits of Exercise by Listening to the Radio!

Most of us see exercise as extenuating routines that can take a physical toll on our muscles so large they are sore for days! As they say: no pain, no gain. But the benefits of exercise have its roots on effectiveness, not intensity. After all, exercising means using our muscles, not overusing them.

The Japanese know this principle well, and this is why every morning since 1928 the public radio broadcaster NHK emits a series of light exercise routines called Radio Exercise (Rajio Taiso) as a means to improve the health of the population. Sounds too good to be true? It’s even better!

Don’t Stress Yourself: Radio Exercise All the Way

No matter your age, complexion, or physical capacities, radio exercise is for you! Specially tailored for the needs of everyone, there are three main routines: a routine to improve overall body strength, another one fit for all ages, and a third one for the elderly or disabled – to do this last routine, people don’t even need to stand up from their seats!

Some of the benefits of Radio exercise include:

* An increase in your blood flow: to improve your heart function and the oxygenation of your muscles.

* Faster metabolism: to help you maintain a healthy weight.

* Keeping stress at bay: to help you maintain an overall healthy life!

The principle behind radio exercising is rhythmically using your own body strength as a resistance for your muscles. This method will also increase your agility, coordination, and balance.

In case you need more reasons to kickstart your morning radio exercise program, through this simple routing you will prevent lumbago by increasing the strength on your back, improve your lung capacity and respiratory function, and live an active life!

All of this will happen while listening to relaxing piano tunes and a friendly voice guiding you through training! You can see an example of Radio Exercising in this video:

Radio Exercise Fits into your Daily Life!

A whopping 20% of Japan’s population has made this routine of calisthenics exercises part of their daily habits, and so can you!

Elementary school children do it every morning before classes, while older students use it as a warm-up routine before more intense exercises. Business people do the routine in their offices, to avoid being inactive during long work hours, and the elderly do them from home or in the park.

Radio Exercises are not only light, but overly convenient, and can fit into almost every daily routine without making a negative impact on schedule.

It is a recommended morning program since you can take advantage of the increase in blood flow to have active and productive days, but the benefits of radio exercise won’t diminish if you need to do it during the evenings!

Have Fun While you Tend to Your Body


Japan’s radio exercise is slowly spreading throughout the world, with increasing popularity in North America and Latin America. More people every day are taking advantage of the benefits of rhythmical light exercises and replacing or complementing their painful routines.

Radio Exercise is not only healthy, but it can be entertaining as well! Try it with your friends and have a blast while you take care of your body!