5 Easiest Cities to Explore for the Directionally Challenged

For those who are directionally challenged, getting around the neighborhood itself can prove to be difficult; let alone navigate a new city. However, having a disability of that sort doesn’t mean that they won’t get to travel. From making full use of GPS to hiring a guide to accompany them, there are many ways one can explore new area without getting lost.

However, if you happen to be someone wants to travel solo despite having problems with directions, we have names of just the places to visit! Today, we’re going to talk about the some of the most navigation-friendly destinations in the world.

1. London, UK

Those who are stuck in a traffic jam may not agree with this opinion, but London has been voted as the easiest city in Europe to navigate in a survey of travelers. The capital of UK was also voted to be the most overpriced European city according to the responses from 3,523 European travelers, which included 778 Britons. So, if you’re ever planning a quick getaway to a place where you want to get lost and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, London should be your choice.

2. Paris, France

The romantic city of Paris, which is also the fashion capital of the world, is easy to navigate as well. A part of the credit goes to the highly efficient metro system, in which the lines are color-coded so as to avoid confusion. Metro stations are everywhere and extremely easy to find. You’ll also locate the direction in which the trains are going by looking at the stops and the end of each line.

You can quickly get an accurate idea where any location of a city might be by just asking about arrondissement, which is one of Paris’s most easily recognized landmarks.

3. Kyoto, Japan

“Our” Kyoto, one of Japan’s most tourist-friendly cities, is incredibly easy to navigate. There are lots of English language signs and excellent public transportation system that can take you anywhere in a short amount of time. Moreover, the city has been built in a rectilinear grid pattern that makes getting around the blocks quite convenient. Since the city is mostly flat, you can go cycling or walk with equal ease.

4. Berlin, Germany

Despite being split by a wall for almost 30 years, the city of Berlin didn’t lose even a bit of its charm. After the Wall fell in 1989, the neighborhoods on both east and west side of Berlin kept their infrastructure intact. This makes the historic city of Berlin an easy place to navigate. Each neighborhood has a name and is centered on a thoroughfare or a “main street.” Moreover, the buses and the underground lines are efficient and well organized.

5. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a dream come true for travelers on a lean budget and are dependent on public transportation. The city has an ultra modern subway system and convenient bus routes that offer cost-effective travel options. The city itself is organized around different plazas that act as communal gathering spaces.

Where are you planning to go?

Okay, we just gave you a list of five most navigation friendly cities in the world. Now it’s time for you to put all the anxiety behind and book those plane tickets. This time, be prepared to get “lost” in a different way.