The Best Handy Japanese Fireworks for the Broken-Hearted

Fireworks have a very special place in the hearts of Japanese people, as is evident during the summer months. From July to September, many parts of Japan come alive with a gallant display of fireworks. The people of Japan celebrate summer with cheerful smiley faces, welcoming good times with their family and friends.

However, there is another side to fireworks that people rarely talk about. Amidst all the grand display of colors in extraordinary patterns, there lie some broken hearts just cannot heal from these shows. These lonely souls would rather stay within the confines of their homes and hope they eventually recover.

Fireworks for the broken-hearted? Why not!

For the lonely souls out there and for those trying to mend an ailing heart, fireworks do not have to be a grand affair. They can buy a variety of handy fireworks from local markets to enjoy with their near and dear ones. Like the light in the souls that just refuse to die, these fireworks have the ability to put the spark back to the broken hearts once again.

Almost anyone can go ahead and buy fireworks at prices that are light on the pocket. Since fireworks are a tradition in Japan, you can like them up anywhere, including the local park or inside of your garden.

Types of handy fireworks in Japan

For those who wish to enjoy this activity by themselves or with a small group of people, the best fireworks for them would be:

Color changing sparklers

Also known as 変色花火, this type of firework is probably the most common as well as the most favorite among the Japanese folk. They are conveniently priced and produce sparks that change as many as five colors in a single stick. These are safe for people of any age and produce a wonderful display of colors that are bound to cheer you up.

The shooting stick

Known as ススキ花火 in Japanese, these fireworks come in thin stick shapes where you have to light one end of the stick to set it off. You hold the other end do with your hand and enjoy the sparkles flowing from the opposite direction. These fireworks create a beautiful light that is likely to resonate with what you truly desire in life.

Sprouting fireworks

These are the Japanese variation of American-style flowerpots. Known as 打上花火 in Japan, you can buy these from convenience stores or supermarkets as well. To set it off, all you have to do is place it on the ground and use the safety stick that comes with the back to put the light. Be sure to stay away from the flakes and enjoy the show from a distance.

Senko Hanabi (線香花火)

This is probably the safest among all fireworks and can be lit by even kids. This variety produces little sparkles as you hold it upside down. Sometimes, it is the little sparkles that can make a whole lot of difference in someone’s life.

Set yourself free

No matter how hard life may seem, we can always find something that can make living a little bit easier. If you haven’t yet found your silver lining, go ahead and give these handy fireworks are trying. While they may not mend your broken heart; they will certainly radiate some positivity that you need in life.


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