Samurai knowledge is power; through it you will achieve internal peace and complete self awareness

Samurai adopted the religious teachings and the practices of Zen Buddhism. They used it as the guiding principle to find inner peace and attain enlightenment. Bushido taught the Samurai warriors to embrace death and its possibility at any point. They understood the fragility of human life and how death is inevitable. They saw death just as the flip side of the life and did not see it as something dark or bad.

Zen Buddhism taught the Samurai that everything in the universe is impermanent and is bound to destroy. Everybody dies, but the one who dies for the right cause dies peacefully. Everybody lives, but the one who lives for the right cause lives peacefully. Zen Buddhism became the guiding principle for their code of conduct, Bushido. Zen Buddhism taught them how to clear their mind completely of any thoughts before a battle or any important event.

Samurais were not only warriors, but they used to write profound poetry as well. They appreciated various art forms and participated in many of them during the peacetime or when their services were not required.


It is important to practice meditation on a regular basis if you truly want to experience the Samurai spirit in your life. Extreme ability to focus gave Samurai warriors their ability to be extraordinary warriors. If you practice concentration every day, you will develop abilities to focus on any subject or object with extreme intensity.

Extraordinary abilities to concentrate on any topic will make you an extraordinary learner. You will be able to learn any subject or skill in a fraction of the time than the average person.

The real knowledge that you need is the knowledge of how to concentrate. If you know how to concentrate on any subject, whenever you need to learn something, you can simply attain the knowledge about it very quickly.

How about…

finding the best way for you to focus on something?
When do you concentrate on your task? Or what is the barrier for your concentration?
Taking an efficient training will lead you a better condition for your life, job and relationships. It doesn’t matter the method is whether your unique one or other’s.


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