Forget about Surfing! Enjoy a Different kind of ‘The Beach Life’ in Kyoto, coming Marine Day

Sunbathing, beers, whole lot of surfing – these are probably the three things that come to your mind when you think of the beach. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a day at the beach how most people do, wouldn’t it be great to experience something else?

Did you know that Japan has a public holiday that arises out of affection for the ocean and the sea? Yes, July 17 is recognized as Marine Day or ‘Umi no hi’ in Japan, and it has been a nationally recognized holiday since 1996.

For those who are planning to visit Japan or already there on vacation, these are the two marine locations you must check out.

1. Amanohashidate

Forget about surfing for a while and explore the backdrop Amanohashidate has to offer. Also known as “The Bridge to Heaven,” this popular marine spot is considered one of Japan’s three most scenic destinations. So, clear up the schedule, and start planning a day trip right away.

Amanohashidate is a 2.2-mile sandbar covered by pine trees that stretch across Miyazu Bay on the Tango Peninsula. The place is easily accessible via train; you could take one from Kyoto and reach the destination at about 106 minutes. It’s only a few minutes of walk from there.

Apart from the instantly captivating scenery, you can experience a broad range of activities in this location. Traditionally, the Amanohashidate is viewed by turning your back to it, then bending over and looking upside down from between your legs.

This posture makes the bridges appear as if they’re floating on thin air. Japanese custom also has a mention that it is supposed to bring you good luck. Other attractions are the Chionji Temple, a good meal at Hashidate Daimaru, boating, and cycling in the nearby areas.

2. Ine Town

For those who are forever in love with tranquility, a trip to this small fishing town in Kyoto will satiate their senses. This quaint town gives you beautiful views of the emerald green waters and many local delights that will keep you busy.

This location is no less than an escape from the busy life of Kyoto and your entry in the northern part of Tango Peninsula. You can take a high-speed bus from Kyoto city and reach here directly or travel by making a stop at Amanohashidate station.

Here, you will be able to go fishing by either bringing your own gear or renting abroad, beat, and ice packs from the local fishermen. In fact, you can join the locals for an authentic fishing experience by being a sum as small as 3000 yen.

You can also rent bikes and ride around the nearby areas to get more acquainted with the lifestyle and culture of the local people. After you’re done, retire to one of the many traditional style house is known as Funaya and sample some delicious seafood “on” the sea.

Experience Marine Day in all its glory!

Summer season is an exciting time to be in Japan for tourists and locals alike. Marine Day can be one among many of those bountiful summer days if you choose to celebrate by visiting either or both the destinations. It’s time that you got a taste of a kind of a different beach life!


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