Prepare Your own Matcha Latte in 5 minutes!

Boost your mornings with an easy to make a matcha latte. Nutritious, refreshing and energizing. We bring you the recipe so that you can take a little bit of Kyoto with you! You can make it hot or cold to fit your mood… and the weather!


• 1 tablespoon of Japanese Green Tea Powder.

• 1 ¼ cup of milk – hot or cold.

• 1/3 cup of warm water.

• 1/2 tablespoon of toasted soy bean powder (optional).

• Sugar or sweetener, in the amount desired (optional).
matcha latte


• Pour the matcha powder into a recipient and pour the warm water into the bowl as well.

• Mix the matcha with a whisk or a spoon until you get rid of all the matcha lumps.

• Pour the liquid matcha into the serving cup and add the sugar and the toasted soybean powder.

• Stir the mix with a spoon until the sugar and soybeans are dissolved.

• If you are preparing a hot matcha latte, warm the milk in the microwave or the stove. If you are making a cold matcha, skip this step.

• If you are preparing a hot matcha, pour the milk into a recipient whisk the surface until you see a thick foam. For a cold matcha, skip this step.

• Pour the milk into the serving cup where the matcha is, mixing the matcha with the milk by using a whisk until the latte looks smooth and light green.

• If you are preparing a hot matcha latte, top off the drink with the foam. For a cold matcha latte, skip this step.

• If you wish, sprinkle matcha powder and serve with chocolate in the case of the hot matcha latte.

• In you wish, add ice to the drink in the case of cold matcha latte.

The complete preparation should take under 5 minutes, making it the ultimate morning drink! You can also follow the recipe visually in this video

Drink up and enjoy!


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