Chilled Beer & Edamame – An Incredible Summer Treat for All

On the hot and humid summer days, a refreshing glass of your favorite drink (a cup of iced tea or a can of chilled beer) will quench your thirst. But, to add a better punch to your refreshing drink, you can now pair it with a super easy Japanese snack recipe – boiled edamame. This is an extremely easy and simple Japanese snack recipe that offers a soothing and delicious taste when it is served with chilled beer. It’s quite popular among the residents of Kyoto, the former capital of Japan.

Boiled Edamame

Why Should You Try This Recipe?

The recipe of “Boiled Edamame” is easy-to-cook and easy-to-serve. Furthermore, edamame is considered to be a popular and versatile food crop. Health benefits of boiled edamame include improved bone health, stronger immune system, weight management, healthy digestive system, and a boosted cardiovascular health. Edamame is a great source of fiber, proteins, and other essential nutrients that are utmost essential for the human body.

In fact, edamame is the greatest source of plant-based protein. For an example, a cup of boiled edamame will offer you approximately 676 mg of potassium (kalium). In hot and humid summer days, excessive sweating causes electrolyte losses of potassium. These minerals can be easily replaced by a proper nutrition i.e. “summer-special Janapese boiled edamame recipe”. Plus, edamame contains vitamin that balances the liver function and recovers you from an exhausted condition. Thus, it’s an ideal snack for summer.

Japanese snacks- Beer and Edamame


To prepare this authentic Japanese snack recipe, you will need to collect four basic ingredients – fresh edamame or green soybeans in pods (1 lb), salt to taste, water for boiling, and a can of chilled beer or wine. Note, you can also use the frozen edamame to prepare this recipe.

Instruction for Preparing This Recipe

As mentioned earlier, it is an extremely simple Japanese snack recipe and it doesn’t require any prior cooking experience or expertise to prepare this recipe. So, if you’re a seasonal culinary enthusiast, do not worry much and get started with the recipe.

Step 1: Cut the stem ends of each and every pod. Now, wash the edamame (green soybeans) well under crystal clear and fresh runny water and put them in a skillet.

Step 2: Sprinkle the required amount of salt & mix it well with fresh edamame.

Step 3: Take a large skillet and boil loads of water. Also, add around two tablespoons of salt in hot boiling water. Now, put the edamame into the boiling water & boil them until they are softened. In general, it will ideally take 3 – 4 minutes to soften the green soybeans.

Step 4: Drain the boiled edamame. You can taste one edamame & sprinkle more salt on the boiled edamame (if they are not salty enough). Now, spread the boiled edamame on any flat tray and let them be cooled.

Step 5: Serve the salty boiled edamame with a can of chilled alcohol & you are ready to enjoy a perfect summer-special snack treat.



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