Look Fabulous this Summer with the Yukata, an Easy to Wear Traditional Japanese Attire

The Yukata is quite the popular Japanese summer attire made of cotton. They are inexpensive, feel comfortable to the skin, and very easy to wear. In a way we can say that the Yukata is a casual version of the kimono, which is mostly worn during formal occasions and other festivals.

This garment is usually made up of synthetic or cotton fabric, which you wrap around your body and fasten it with a sash, also known as Obi. Believe it or not, Yukata literally means “bathing cloth” in English and was originally used to do that.

Traditionally, the Japanese folk used this garment to cover themselves up quickly in a communal bath setting. Apart from covering their body, it also helped absorbing the remaining moisture.

Why should you wear the Yukata?

The casual nature of this attire has rekindled a fire in the younger Japanese population. If you are a fan of traditional Japanese garments, then the Yukata would be a must try for many reasons. First of all, it does not come with the restrictions involved in wearing a kimono, making it simple for almost everyone to wear.

Both men and women wear this attire during the summer festivals either to make a fashion statement or purely for comfort. Since this clothing does not have any pockets, women often buy matching purses that go with their Yukata design.

Moreover, Yukata is available in many different designs that are bound to resonate with your personality. While men mostly wear simple and dark colors, women can choose to go for brightly colored designs having eye-catching patterns.

Style – Check!

Comfort – Check!

Easy to wear – Check!

What else a reason do you need to try out this infamous Japanese casual wear? Even outside of Japan you can use the Yukata as a regular wear in different scenarios without raising any eyebrows.

Special occasions to wear the Yukata

Apart from the obvious comfort and health benefits, one can dress up in Yukata for festivals as well. Out of Japan, you can consider wearing this garment while going for a meal at the local Japanese restaurant; while hosting a sushi party at home, or just use it as an alternative for a robe. The possibilities are endless!

Since this count as traditional clothing, it’s normal to find spectators and participants wearing them in summer events. But you don’t need an excuse to wear it anytime you like at the comfort of your own home. Just buy a Yukata of your choice and wear them anytime at home!