Longing for Your Favorite cup of Starbucks Coffee? Don’t Miss a Chance to Enjoy in a Tatami House

If you thought that the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto, had only temples and shrines to offer to visitors, then think again! Aside from the countless historic and scenic tourist distractions, the city is now getting ready to host a Western coffee chain with a whole new twist.

The global coffee brand, Starbucks, is in preparations of serving their patrons in rooms having tatami (straw matting) floors.

Yes! Now you can sip on your favorite cup of latte in a traditional Japanese style home and enjoy the taste of home all the while immersing yourself in the local culture.

About the upcoming Starbucks store

The Japanese branch of the coffee chain recently announced that they would serve coffee on tatami floor rooms, which will also be the first in the world. The coffee shop is dated to be unveiled on 30 June on a two-storey Japanese home that dates back 100 years.

Plus, this Starbucks store will be located close to Kiyomizu Temple, which is a UNESCO world Heritage site and a popular tourist destination. The second floor will have three rooms with straw matting floors, which are usually used as a floor covering in many Japanese homes.

Starbucks Coffee Japan also mentioned that they would not allow people to make lines in front of the shop. They will also restrict the crowd allowed entry inside the store during peak hours so as not to disrupt the tranquil atmosphere of the area.

So, if you’re coming from America, expect to have a jolly good time with your friends and family as there will be no need to stand in lines anymore. That is, of course, if you arrive at the right time. The experience, however, is bound to be exemplary!

How is this Starbucks chain different?

We don’t need to mention how big of a brand Starbucks has become now as it is apparent from their global appeal. Boasting of having more than 23,180 stores in a total of 64 countries, this American brand is now undoubtedly the largest coffeehouse company in the world.

This makes a store, like the one with tatami floors, even harder to stand apart from the rest. In fact, there are quite a few unique Starbucks destinations throughout the world. In London, UK, you’ll find an express format Starbucks in the underground metro station of Canary Wharf.

In Chicago, Illinois, there is a Starbucks cafe located inside the 33 N. Michigan Avenue skyscraper that features various art decoration elements. There is a Starbucks cafe with hanging dynamic sculpture in Hong Kong’s Pacific Mall.

What makes the upcoming cafe with tatami floors unique is the Japanese artistic touch that cannot be found anywhere. Besides, the Kawadoko Starbucks along the bank of Kamo river is also a place worth dropping by if you’re in Japan.

Where do you plan to visit?

No matter how much you may be in love with your green tea, the holistic experience you stand a chance to gain from the upcoming Starbucks Cafe cannot be missed. So mark your calendars, because 30 June is not far away!