Worried about Soaring Electricity Bills in Summer? Don’t be; Just Follow these Simple Tips!

Many people think that trying to save electricity means sacrificing all the comforts of life. The expenditure on electricity especially increases during the summer when we have to run air conditioners, air coolers, and a host of other equipment to keep the temperature low.

As a result, we are inevitably confronted by soaring electricity bills and increased nonrenewable energy consumption that’s not good for the world. If you want to learn how to save money on electricity during summertime, just keep on reading these simple tips.

1. Use CFL bulbs

To compensate for running air-conditioners for a long period of time, consider switching from high wattage bulbs to CFL bulbs. A typical 40 W bulb uses 1 unit of power in 25 hours, whereas a 10 W CFL bulb can go up to 100 hours for the same 1 unit power. CFL bulbs are eco-friendly as well and leave little to no carbon footprints.

The average lifespan of CFLs is 8000 hours, compared to 1000 hours you get out of regular light bulbs. Besides, these lights cuts back cost by as much as 70%. So, you can expect to make hundreds of dollars in savings each year.

2. Use fans with air conditioner

While it may seem tempting to blast the AC in full power to beat the heat, consider including a fan in the mix. But wait; will not this consume more energy? Not if you put the AC at the right temperature and compliment it with the fans power. For example: an AC running at 18 will consume more power than one running at an optimum 24 degrees.

This way, you can maintain room temperature at the ideal level without putting yourself at the risk of excessive electricity bills.

3. Use solar panels

Use renewable sources of energy, like solar energy whenever possible. Encourage people to install solar energy equipment especially in commercial places and offices where the consumption is skyhigh. Renewable energy is also environment friendly and doesn’t cost nearly as much as electricity.

Also, governments in many places offer subsidies to those installing solar panels as a reward for taking a sustainable approach to energy consumption.

4. Install Japanese windchimes

Japanese Windchimes or wind bells, also known as Furin, are excellent decorative material that helps imbue a sense of peace and calm. You hang these beautiful ornaments in a part of your home from where wind flows and listen to the beautiful chiming as the tubes strike against each other.

Even though these ornaments do not actually help cool the environment, but they are sound is no doubt soothing for the soul. Sound Japanese wind bells come in a variety of art designs, materials, styles, and are a perfect addition to every home.

You can enjoy some kinds of wind bell sounds below!